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Top 10 Strategies for 2017

 By Richard Merrill-Rivas

 As with the tide of the ocean, spa businesses see an ebb and   6.    Be consistent: The most important thing
 flow of feast or famine. The key to success and longevity is   about avoiding acts of desperation and freezing up
 remaining consistent in daily actions to weather the silence   from overwhelm is remaining consistent each and
 of a service free day and to avoid times of famine. Here are   every day: call 5 people, meet 10 new people every
 critical strategies to help to build new clientele and increase   single day!
 7.    Get involved: When you're looking for new
 1.    The fortune is in the follow-up:   clients start in your own back yard. Contact a local
 Have a system in place to track and organize   senior center and schedule a day of services and call
 your communications with your clients new and   the local paper and news channels to get coverage
 old. Create 3x5 cards with each client profile and   of the event. Be of Service to create new business.
 include important information such as anniversary
 and birthdays to keep in contact with them during   8.    Give back: Partner with local church,
 special dates.    organization or school and propose a fundraiser to
 build exposure. Offer the organization a percentage
 2.    Get social: Create a marketing campaign for   of all sales.
 your social media accounts to drive interaction. A
 giveaway that ends the campaign can get existing   9.    Create a new stream of income:
 clients engaged with your business and draw in new   Are you known for your make-up technique?
 clients to fill gaps in your schedule.   Ingredient geek? Perhaps you have a unique
 product. Schedule an event to share your talent
 3.    Give the Gift of your Service:    and invite other business owners and community
 Try offering a new service that is not on your menu   leaders along with your clients. This mixer
 such as a complimentary 30 minute Lunchtime   will allow existing clients to provide glowing
 Lift facial with the purchase of set of products (ex:   testimonials and if other businesses bring on your
 cleaner, Serum, SPF + Lunchtime Lift). Offer one   service or product you could create a residual
 lucky guest the opportunity to earn this special free   income from commissions.
 when then provide their name, phone number and
 email address.   10.  Network and support others:
 Now that you have a list of offerings to build your
 4.    Ask for referrals: Share this limited   business and cross-promote with other business
 time package with existing clients and ask them to   make sure to schedule time to support other
 share with their friends for an extra chance to win.  business and organizations. When you find a
 business or service you love make sure to share it
 5.    Create collateral: Design a postcard   with others! Choose two strategies to implement
 announcing your package on one side and   immediately and commit to consistently seeing
 contact information on the opposite side. Use   it through for at least three months. Track your
 these to promote your business throughout your   progress and celebrate the success you generate.
 community. Make a goal to share 10 per day with
 everyone you see: teachers, bank teller, florist, dry
 cleaner or your local coffee barista.   Richard Merrill-Rivas is an
 award winning esthetician,
 entrepreneur and Holistic Health
 Coach. He can be reached at

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